Book Review: NodeJS The Right Way

I started reading NodeJS the Right Way with the aim of getting a better understanding of the pro’s and con’s of NodeJS versus frameworks like Rails and Go – especially from a web development perspective. I have limited experience with Node, but I have never used it in a production system so I was really […]

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Book Review: Crafting Rails 4 Applications

One of my goals for 2014 is to read more programming books. Since I am starting work on a Rails 4 application, Crafting Rails 4 Applications seemed like a good fit since it’s aimed at experienced Rails developers. Here is the official book description: Get ready to see Rails as you’ve never seen it before. […]

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Book Review: It Will Be Exhilarating

Simply put, ‘It Will Be Exhilirating’ is the story of how Dan ‘The Russians Used a Pencil’ Provost and Thomas Gerhardt launched Studio Neat. Studio Neat has to date created two products: the Glif – a stand/tripod mount for the iPhone – and the Cosmonaut – an iPad stylus designed to feel like a whiteboard […]

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Book Review: The Phoenix Project

TLDR Version: The Phoenix Project is a great novel that describes the impact that DevOps practices can have on a failing IT system. The writing is excellent and the storyline is intruiging. Told from the perspective of the newly appointed VP of IT Operations, Bill Palmer, it describes the turnaround of struggling auto parts company […]

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Book Review: User Stories Applied

TLDR Version: User Stories Applied is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the ideas behind user stories. The book has very good examples and guidelines on writing better user stories and integrating them into your development process. User Stories Applied is a book that has often been mentioned […]

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Book Review: Programming Ruby

TLDR Version: This book is incredibly well researched and covers pretty much everything in the Ruby world. While it does have a very good introductory section I think the main benefit to this book is as a reference guide. Programming Ruby is probably the most well-known book in the Ruby world. I guess I’m a […]

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Book Review: The Rails 3 Way

TLDR Version: This is quite possibly the best programming book I have ever read. It’s packed with examples, covers an enormous amount of Rails feature in great detail while also serving as an excellent reference guide for everyday programming. Bought it, read it, love it. While I was reading this book I was reminded of […]

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Book Review: A Book Apart

A Book Apart is a series of 6 books aimed at ‘people who make websites’. These books are all relatively short (about 100 pages) and easy to read. At the time of writing they have a holiday special going – 30% off if you buy the whole series. Since these books so short I’m going […]

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Book Review: The Mythical Man-Month

As part of my employment at ThoughtWorks I am afforded a book allowance. This prompted me to look around and figure out which books I really should have read by now. One name which came up quite a few times and which has often been mentioned to me is The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software […]

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